Product & Sizing

  • are they vegan-friendly?

    you bet! we don't use any animal products in our materials nor do we take part in any manufacturing practices which could harm the creatures on this earth.
  • bio packaging

    everything we buy comes packaged in something... and did you know that most of it aren't easily recyclable? yes, cardboard included. we source our packaging from a rad aussie company solving this problem. The Better Packaging Co all our packaging can be thrown in a healthy ...
  • do they bag out?

    as you wear our hemp-based denim, they'll soften and mould to your body. they should start out snug and then will relax by about half a size as you wear them. however, wear after wear, they will keep their overall shape so we recommend ordering your true size.
  • how do i care for my jeans?

    ▵wash separately, inside out and in cold water, as dyes may bleed ▵do not bleach ▵do not dry clean ▵do not iron or tumble dry ▵hang to dry only ▵tell them you love and appreciate them every day ▵take on as many adventures as possible ▵repeat *because hemp is naturally anti-bacterial, you do not ...
  • is hemp denim stretchy?

    we have some spandex in our blend to help them move with you. this being said, they're certainly not jeggings and are more of a stiff denim style. as you wear them, they'll soften and adjust to your body.
  • my hemp-based denim has "imperfections". what's up with that?

    those aren't imperfections, they're beauty marks! we're using organic, all-natural materials and staying away from manufacturing practices which could harmfully impact the earth. because of this, each pair of hemp-based denim will have natural character. this adds to their loveliness and doesn't ...
  • what makes hemp-based denim more sustainable than all-cotton denim?

    oh, we're glad you asked! hemp uses significantly less water and land than all-cotton denim. it replenishes 60% nutrients back to the soil it grows from. it doesn't require any pesticides or herbicides to produce. it's way more durable than all-cotton denim (see ya later fast fashion), and hemp i...
  • which size should i buy?

    Women's In-leg Measurement = 32" we fit similar to conventional denim, like Levis. we recommend checking the size of what you wear now, in a similar cut, and either sticking with that or sizing down, as they will relax by about half a size with wear. | SIZE | WAIST | HIP | | ---- | ----- | ---...
  • will you be creating more sizes?

    we sure will! as we grow, we've worked into our business plan to offer a wider range of sizes as well as longer inseams.